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Keep Trees Healthy Through Each Season with Regular Maintenance

Tree growth can be impacted by several factors. Strong winds, lack of water, or soaking rains can all put your trees at risk. Even trees that are well-suited to a particular climate will need regular trimming, pruning, and monitoring to stay safe.

Variety is Important

Many housing developments were laid out and built with just a few different species of trees in mind. Over time, this planting style has provided a buffet for pests. If you’ve lost trees to pest, fungal, or weather damage, talk to an arborist about the best tree for the best location.

If your home has southern exposure, you’ll need a tree that can take the heat. If you’ve lost trees to the north of your home, you’ll want a tree that can both beautify your landscape and provide a windbreak. Shade trees are critical both to the east and west.

Seasonal Maintenance

Monitor your trees in the summertime. Study the canopy for any branches that aren’t leafing out. If you can get to them, consider marking them with a weatherproof tag. If you notice broken branches or branches that have lost their bark, bring in a tree professional to assess the tree and do some emergency cleaning.

In the spring, keep an eye out at the base of the tree for suckers. Many fruit trees are grafted onto sturdier rootstock before they’re sold for planting. Any small shoots coming up around your fruit tree or at the graft point are not going to produce fruit and will eventually take energy away from the rest of the tree. Cleaning them up is critical.

Canopy Concerns

If you live in a region of the country where winds can get blustery, keep an eye on your ornamental trees. Many of these trees tend to grow a very thick canopy; in fact, some of them are so thick that they appear solid in the setting sun. This heavy leafing pattern can leave the tree vulnerable to wind damage during storms and high-wind days.

A regular trimming routine can protect your tree from damage. If the tree is currently healthy, it’s probably best to get it trimmed in the winter when the leaves have dropped. Unless you have tools and are fairly strong, it’s not a good idea to do the trimming yourself.

Branches can be extremely heavy. If a branch tears away in the cutting process, you could be struck by a branch. Plus, the tree will be made vulnerable to pests and fungi. Hire a professional to trim and prune. Hiring a professional ensures your safety and the health of your trees.

Whether your Las Vegas, NV yard is populated with brand new plantings or you’re sheltered under established trees, contact Benjamin’s Tree Service for tree emergency services. We can make sure your damaged or dying trees don’t damage your property or injure passersby.

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