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At Benjamin’s Tree Service, we offer more than just exceptional tree care for our valued clients in Las Vegas. We also provide complete landscape services to enhance the beauty and functionality of your property and outdoor living space. From a full landscape design to upgrading your current landscape with new plants, synthetic turf, or pavers, our staff is ready to help you turn your vision for your property into reality with the help of our Las Vegas landscaping services. Call 702-827-0997 for a free price quote for any of our professional landscape services or to set up an appointment with a design expert.

Your Plant Experts

With years as a professional landscaping company in Las Vegas, our pros understand which plants thrive in our environment and how to use them to create the lush and vibrant backdrop you want for your outdoor living space. We offer a complete redesign for your property or the addition and enhancement of the plantings you have in place. And to ensure that your plants get the property watering, we can include expert irrigation design and installation to protect your new plants. Call us at 702-827-0997 to learn more and request a free price quote for exceptional landscaping services in Las Vegas from the pros at Benjamin’s Tree Service.

Is It Natural Or Synthetic?

When you see a lush, green lawn in Las Vegas, you are sure to wonder if it is natural sod or synthetic turf. At Benjamin’s Tree Service, we install both, so you have your choice of a soft, green natural lawn or a maintenance-free and drought-tolerant synthetic beautiful green lawn. But, of course, both have their pros and cons, so we always leave the choice to our customers so that they have the perfect lawn for their needs and visual preference.
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Consider Pavers For A Visual Upgrade And Added Property Value

If you are looking for the ideal Las Vegas landscaper to help you increase the appearance and value of your property, look no further. Benjamin’s Tree Service experts will create extraordinary visual impact and value by installing pavers for your walkways, driveway, or outdoor living space. From classic tumbled pavers for a cobblestone appearance to larger stepping stones or more decking for furniture around your swimming pool, our expert masons will provide a flawless installation that will captivate guests and substantially increase the appeal and value of your property. Call us at 702-827-0997 to discuss a new paver installation and other hardscape features to create your perfect outdoor space.

Increase Safety And Beauty

The addition of landscape lighting is a very affordable way to increase the beauty of your property at night and make it safer for guests. Subtly lighting walkways, transitions in paved surfaces, and steps will ensure the safety of your guests when they visit after dark. In addition, it provides a way to enjoy your landscape features and outdoor living space in the evening. Call the landscape lighting experts at Benjamin’s Tree Service at 702-827-0997 to learn more about enhancing your pool area, landscape focal points, and outdoor living spaces with safe and cost-effective professionally installed landscape lighting.

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