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How to Spot a Tree Emergency

There is no single universal line between a tree that’s worth saving and one that needs to be cut down. Many different situations can warrant emergency tree services, but most of them revolve around protecting people. Regardless of the overall health of the tree or its likelihood of survival, any threat to people, animals or personal property is a good cause for immediate trimming or removal. Here are some signs of a tree emergency.

Loss of Structural or Soil Stability

Unmanaged trees may grow in such a lopsided or unbalanced way that it makes them unstable on their own. This is relatively rare and is most likely to happen in overcrowded areas. Loss of soil stability is a more widespread issue and can result from excessive rain, soil erosion or other changes in the local landscape. Any sign of the tree leaning or bending in an unnatural way is cause for a professional inspection.

Impact on Buildings or Power Lines

Trees that are growing near or over power lines, buildings or other outdoor structures can quickly become an emergency. Even if the branches and foliage aren’t interfering now, you need to think ahead and ask yourself questions like, “Will they impact the lines when they are heavy with snow and ice?” and, “How entangled could they be one or two years from now?”

Falling Branches

Losing branches is almost never a good sign and warrants investigation by tree service experts. Branch death may simply arise from a general decline in health, but it can also result from local damage, disease or infestation. No matter the cause, this creates an unacceptable safety risk if the tree is anywhere near people or structures.

Spreading Discoloration

Any kind of widespread or growing discoloration is a serious situation needing intervention by an arborist. This kind of change usually represents a severe health condition for the tree that likely won’t go away on its own. Depending on the underlying cause, you may be able to take steps to mitigate or manage the condition if you identify it quickly enough. You can also take preventive steps to remove unhealthy or terminal trees before they die and start dropping branches.

Dealing With Damaged Trees

Whether it’s a lightning strike or an unfortunate collision with a passenger vehicle, there are plenty of ways for trees to suffer serious physical harm. Any kind of substantial, visible damage should prompt a careful evaluation of the tree and an informed decision about whether to keep or remove it. Trees with major trunk damage are almost certainly going to be unsafe and unhealthy in the future.

Respond to Warnings With the Right Solutions

There’s only one reasonable response when your trees start giving off red flags: Call the professionals. At Benjamin’s Tree Service, we’ve been serving the Las Vegas, NV area for years, so contact us for tree solutions and emergency service whenever you need us.

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