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Knowing When You Need to Remove a Tree

Do you have an unsightly tree that detracts from your property, even with proper maintenance? The climate in the region can be challenging for all vegetation, especially during high summer, but other factors could be at work. Some of these may be beyond fixing, requiring you to eliminate the tree. Here are some scenarios in which you might consider tree removal.

When a Tree’s Location Becomes Problematic

Like most vegetation on commercial or residential property, trees are used to improve the landscape. What was once a good spot for planting can become an issue as the tree grows.

Above ground, a growing tree can cross property lines. The overgrowth may become an issue with neighbors, adjacent commercial properties, or public spaces. That could become a money sink, as you must continually trim back branches to keep the tree contained to your property. Extreme trimming may detract from its appearance or damage it.

On your property, growing branches may interfere with overhead lines in certain areas. These appendages can also come into contact with buildings. An ideal spot for a sapling may block views once the tree matures.

Underground, tree roots are often cause for concern. The ground around the tree can shift upward as the root system develops, causing landscaping and draining issues. Tree roots expand as the tree matures, and this can damage underground structures like cables, foundations, and pipes.

When Nature Takes It Course

Unlike location problems that take time to develop, nature can negatively impact your tree quickly. The region’s annual thunderstorms will arrive in late summer, generating lightning that can destroy a tree instantly. Age, disease, and other natural damage take longer to impact flora, but signs can appear seemingly as quickly as a lightning strike. Things you will notice in these cases include:

  • Abnormal leaf/needle health
  • Cracks in bark
  • Dead branches
  • Hollowed trunk
  • Increased lean
  • Peeling bark

The desert climate can reduce the normal lifespan of some decorative tree species, meaning age-related issues can occur even with trees planted in neighborhoods in recent decades. Trees can become infested with aphids, beetles, spider mites, and tree borers. We’ve also witnessed branch and leaf withering that are often associated with canker disease.

Getting Rid of Problematic Trees

When a location becomes an issue or nature damages it, consider removing a tree. While property appearance is a consideration, it isn’t the only one. Trees can cause damage above and below ground. Unhealthy trees can also be dangerous to people should branches unexpectedly fall.

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