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6 Tree Removal Issues and Solutions

Trees offer shade, improve air quality, and increase your property value, but they need care. Trees can weaken from root issues, diseases, and pests that lead to tree removals. Tree removals are necessary for safety reasons or to create space.

1. Damage From Storms

Trees can weaken from age, illness, or pests, which make storms more dangerous to the surrounding property. High winds and extra weight can snap branches and send them into property or people. Proper care can keep trees strong, but removing weak trees increases property safety.

2. Damage From Wildlife

Wildlife, such as squirrels and rabbits, can cause harm to your trees, but tree removal can safely remove the damaged trees. Animals can chew on leaves or bark anytime they want and leave damage similar to yard equipment. Installing tree guards or fencing can keep wildlife from reaching the bark of the trunk.

3. Damage From Pests

Weak or sick trees attract pests, which can grow into an infestation and spread to other trees. Your trees need a healthy environment to reduce their stress and decrease pest chances. An arborist understands the best spots for trees to grow and offers tree removal for pest-infested trees.

4. Tree Diseases

Diseased or pest-infested trees will change with bark appearance, leaf amount, and foliage color. Arborists can inspect your trees and offer options on what to do next. Diseases can weaken trees and cause them to die, which attracts more pests to your property.

Woodpeckers that head to the same tree could mean it has unseen decay inside and needs tree removal services. Fungus on the tree trunk indicates your tree is decaying, which can bring wood-boring insects. You may think that woodpeckers kill trees, but healthy trees can survive a few woodpecker holes.

5. Dead Trees

Trees die from age, damage, stress, and disease and weaken over time, creating a safety issue. If you neglect the problem for too long, storms can snap branches and uproot entire dead trees. Arborists can safely remove your dead tree and increase your property’s value.

6. Poor Location and Construction

Some trees that need removal might not be a hazard but are in the wrong location. Trees need sunlight and nutrients, and the current location might not offer enough for healthy growth. You may not realize the area is wrong when trees are small, but power lines may be too close, or roots can damage sewer lines.

Trees too close to your home can allow pests and wildlife to get to your home and enter your attic. Construction is another issue that can lead to tree removal to make room for home expansions. Our arborists may remove healthy trees if you need the space for a construction project.

Proper tree care and maintenance can let them last decades on your property, but damage and illness can stress your trees. Infestations can end in tree removals or spread to other trees on your property. If you need a tree removal in Las Vegas, NV, call us at Benjamin’s Tree Service for a free estimate today.

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