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Why You Should Wait Until Winter to Trim and Prune Trees

In Las Vegas, you don’t need to see snow on the trees to remind you that the trees are in winter mode. All you need to notice are the bare tree branches. However, the hesitation in pruning and trimming bare branches is wondering whether it’s a good time to do that. You may not want to disturb a dormant tree. Fortunately, it’s no trouble to prune and trim a tree in dormancy. In fact, it’s the best season for tree maintenance, and we’ll explain why.

Evaluate and Repair Tree Structure

Leaves, nuts, and fruit hide imperfections on tree branches and limbs. In winter, the tree branches are visible, making it easier to evaluate their condition. Cutting problematic branches improves tree health, rejuvenates growth, and preserves structural integrity. Remove broken or bent branches to avoid tree decay. Cut it above the breaking point to save the branch. Crossing, rubbing, and competing branches restrict airflow in the tree, and removing them makes it easier for the surviving tree branches to receive sunlight.

Dead, Decaying, and Diseased Branch Reduction

Only a trained expert knows whether tree branches are decaying, dying, or diseased. Those branches need immediate removal to avoid spreading the infection to the rest of the tree. Winter is a safe season to remove bacteria, fungi, and infestations because transmission decreases during cold weather. Be sure to remove the entire section; leaving some behind gives the problem momentum to infect the tree again during the warmer months. This section is also susceptible to damage when a forceful wind breaks it off and hurls it onto someone’s property.

Depending on the species, your tree could have one of these infections or another not listed here:

  • Oak wilt
  • Dutch elm disease
  • Fire blight
  • Cedar hawthorn rust

If your tree branches have open lesions, darkened areas, and swelling, prune and trim them.

The Tree Can Heal Better

Pruning and trimming keep the tree’s shape neat. It has time to close the cut area to protect itself from infection before the warm weather arrives. It uses preserved energy in dormancy to heal quickly and responds better to rain and moisture. Yet, it’s easy to overdo the process.

Do not cut too many limbs off the tree. That harms it and stresses it out, making quick healing more difficult. Warm-weather pruning stresses the tree out, too. It is hard for the tree to juggle growing leaves, nuts, and fruit while recuperating from lost limbs.

Winter is when nothing is happening to the tree, which is the perfect time to give your tree some love. Our professionals will trim and prune your trees with the latest knowledge and technology. We will inspect, diagnose, and cut the right branches to keep your tree lush and long-lasting. For more information on our tree trimming and pruning services, contact Benjamin’s Tree Service in Las Vegas, NV today.

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