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Choosing Between DIY Tree Removal and Professional Tree Services

An electric chainsaw is being used to cut down a tree that was killed by a hurricane in Florida.

When faced with the task of tree removal on your property, it can be challenging to decide between DIY tree removal or hiring a professional tree service. Although DIY options may seem cost-effective, taking on this project yourself may be risky and could result in injuries or property damage if done improperly. Here, we explore […]

How to Know When Emergency Tree Services Are Necessary

forest evaluation and management - forestry engineer working with digital tablet in the woods

No one wants a crisis involving their trees, but it does happen. Sometimes a tree might look as though it’s in perfect health, and then you’re suddenly in the middle of a predicament. Whether it’s storm damage, disease, or pesky critters making trouble, the key is to recognize when professional help is needed. Here are […]

The Importance of Pruning Trees During the Summer

Someone cutting down the branches of a tree

Trees require regular pruning as part of their maintenance. It involves cutting branches of a tree to improve its health and structure. Although pruning is often associated with older trees, it’s actually necessary for the healthy growth of younger trees as well. In fact, most trees benefit greatly from summertime pruning for a number of […]

Some Things You Might Not Know About Evergreen Trees

Pruning shears in the garden in early spring

Some of the most majestic trees are evergreens, which means they hold onto their greenery all yearlong, even in winter. This doesn’t mean they don’t shed their leaves or needles; they simply don’t shed them all at once as deciduous trees do. Here are some facts about these marvelous plants. Not All Evergreens Are Conifers […]

What You Need to Know About Trimming Trees in the Spring

gardener pruning fruit tree brunches with pruning shears

Should trees be trimmed in the spring? The answer is yes. In fact, most arborists encourage it. However, there are some instances where trimming trees in the spring is not really recommended. It is, therefore, advisable that you contact a local tree service company to help you determine whether you can have your trees pruned […]

Safety Tips to Follow After a Storm Has Damaged Your Trees

Storm damage. Fallen tree in the park after a storm

Looking around your property and seeing trees that have been snapped like matchsticks or blown over and uprooted is disheartening. You know you’ll need to call a professional to clean up the mess, but there are still tips you can follow in the meantime to keep yourself, your home and your family safe. Practice Tree […]

Why Proper Tree Trimming Is Important

Arborist man cutting a branches with chainsaw and throw on a ground. The worker with helmet working at height on the trees. Lumberjack working with chainsaw during a nice sunny day. Tree and nature

Along with fertilizing and watering, regular tree trimming is one of the most important tasks for maintaining healthy trees. It is the only procedure that encourages new growth by removing dead or diseased branches. Here’s what you need to know about why tree pruning is important. Health Concerns As trees age and become larger, they […]

Common Signs of Nutrient Deficiency in Trees

A suburban Midwestern neighborhood street lined with green trees and homes during a sunny day

If your trees are not looking as healthy as they should, they might be deficient in vital nutrients. Many different signs can indicate this, and it is important to know what to look for so you can correct the problem. Also, certain trees may be more prone to nutrient deficiency than others. Trees can have […]

Winter Tree Care Tips for Desert Areas

Into the forest. Nature composition.

The desert is a harsh environment in the winter, and your trees need extra care to survive. They cannot survive the cold temperatures and dry air without extra help. Here are some tips for winter tree care in the desert. Water Regularly During the winter months, water your trees once a week. This will ensure […]

Tree Care Tips for Arizona Winters

How to Care for Your Trees During Winter Winter temperatures in the Southwest are much milder than in many other parts of the country. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some noticeable impacts of wintertime around your home, including on the trees that grow in your yard. It’s important to keep your trees looking […]