Winter Tree Care Tips for Desert Areas

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The desert is a harsh environment in the winter, and your trees need extra care to survive. They cannot survive the cold temperatures and dry air without extra help. Here are some tips for winter tree care in the desert. Water Regularly During the winter months, water your trees once a week. This will ensure […]

Tree Care Tips for Arizona Winters

How to Care for Your Trees During Winter Winter temperatures in the Southwest are much milder than in many other parts of the country. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some noticeable impacts of wintertime around your home, including on the trees that grow in your yard. It’s important to keep your trees looking […]

Why Fall Is a Great Time to Plant Trees

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It’s no secret that Las Vegas can get hot. Our properties can benefit from having a lot of shade to give us relief from the intense sun. There are many varieties of trees that can do well in our desert climate, but when should you plant them? It’s often recommended that you plant them in […]

4 Reasons to Let Experienced Pros Remove Your Trees

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Though many people think that Las Vegas, NV area is a desert, it has tons of trees that grow wild, including some you might find in your backyard. Beech, birch, and citrus trees are just some of the ones that call the region home. Whether you want to open up your yard, get room for […]

Top Fall Tree Care Tips to Implement Today

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Living in Las Vegas means plenty of chances to have a good time visiting places like the Hoover Dam. As a resident of Las Vegas, you want to make sure your trees are cared for when the hot weather starts to subside. A shady place under your favorite trees is just right. Here’s how to […]

4 Popular Trees to Plant in Las Vegas

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Here in Las Vegas, the climate is pretty extreme. It’s important to plant trees that will withstand our hot, dry summers and be okay with slightly cooler temperatures in the winter. There are several species that have become quite popular. At Benjamin’s Tree Service, we’re ready to help you get started with your landscaping. We […]

3 Tips for High Yielding Fruit Trees in Las Vegas

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Fruit trees can be a beneficial addition to your landscape. They provide fruits to enjoy and a display of beautiful colors in the spring. But as with other plants, they require care and maintenance for optimal yields. Consider these three tips when growing fruit trees in the hot, dry climate of Las Vegas. 1. Choose […]

How to Prevent Crooked Tree Growth

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In a place like Las Vegas where conditions are mostly dry and arid for the better part of the year, some extra care needs to go into maintaining trees. While regular watering and irrigation are certainly musts, it’s equally important to take steps to encourage healthy tree growth. If one of your priorities with newly […]

4 Ways DIY Tree Trimming Can Kill Your Trees

Pruned branches of Buddleja or Butterfly bush with new fresh green leaves on springtime

Proper trimming can improve the health of plants and enhance the beauty of the landscape. However, you should be aware of mistakes that limit healthy tree growth. Here are four ways incorrect pruning techniques can kill your tree. 1. Encourages the Transmission of Fungi and Bacteria DIY trimming tends to overlook the importance of quality […]

Planting Trees Is Easier Than Ever With These Simple Tips

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Las Vegas has a very warm climate. Many residents love the endless sun and lack of harsh winter weather. One of the best ways to head off the heat, however, is by planting trees. Fortunately, it’s possible to plant many types of trees even in a relatively arid climate. Get the trees on your property […]