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Safe Tree Removal Is a Terrific Investment in Your Property

When spring causes the leaves on trees to open, you should examine the trees on your property. Are there branches that appear broken? Has the bark fallen off? If you have a tree that is damaged, dying or at risk, have a professional check it out, then treat or remove it.

Risks to Consider

As a tree dies, it can start to drop branches. Once large branches fall, the tree can become badly out of balance. The next storm may cause it to topple onto an outbuilding, a fence or your home.

Once you notice dying branches, you need to have a skilled professional look at your tree. They may be able to remove a dead branch and trim the tree to bring it back into balance. But if disease is responsible for the damage to the tree, it may need to be removed.

The Dangers of DIY

A tree that is full of dead or dying branches poses several hazards to a DIY tree trimmer. For one thing, tree branches are heavy. Without a lift, you will have to try to trim a tree from a ladder or the ground, which is very risky. If a branch breaks or tears before you can fully cut it, it may hit you. You will also have a dangerous, heavy branch to somehow bring down safely.

A tree removal professional can get close to the trunk from a lift rather than from a ladder. Falling branches won’t pose a risk to the base of the machine they’re standing on. The ground under their feet is not littered with broken sticks and twigs.

Don’t Wait

If a dying or diseased tree hasn’t been an obvious risk thus far, it may be tempting to leave it alone for another season or even another year. This can create even more hazards to people and property.

Diseased trees are havens for pests. Stinging insects, such as wasps and hornets, can be quite territorial. Once they find a home in a dying tree, they expect to be able to return to your yard and may try to make a home in your outbuildings or even your attic.

Dying trees can also rot from the inside, creating homes for squirrels, rats, raccoons and mice. One family of raccoons can create a colossal mess on your property. They, too, will look for other spots to build a home and may choose to move into your garden shed, garage or attic.

If your Las Vegas, NV yard needs safe tree removal, call Benjamin’s Tree Service to prevent risks to household members and visitors and damage to your property.

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