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Emergency Tree Services After a Storm

Natural disasters and storms can create unsafe conditions that will persist if not addressed. This includes structural damage to buildings, but it can also include things like hanging branches that might fall onto cars or power lines. Professional arborists can mitigate the risk of additional damage to property and people from the fallout of a storm. This ensures the safety of residents, visitors, and the public. Handling emergency tree care is a critical part of any storm cleanup effort.

Steps to Take: Damage Assessment

Trees can fall during storms, and this may present a hazard to people and animals in the area. Acting quickly can make all the difference, so be sure to keep a phone number for your local tree care professionals in a place that’s easy to remember. The extent of the damage should be professionally assessed so that the cleanup procedures can be prioritized correctly.

Each cleanup task should be assessed based on its urgency level for appropriate handling. For instance, tree branches falling on power lines during a storm demand a different response compared to trees blocking a back road. Dealing with immediate risks promptly underscores the significance of the assessment process:

  • Securing the safety of the area
  • Assessing the damage and ranking the tasks
  • Documenting and getting professional help

Safety is the first order of business after a storm. If there is an emergency, get professional assistance right away. Keep your distance from downed power lines and trees with extensive damage. Cleanup should be delayed until the safety of the area is assured, so avoid the temptation to begin cleaning up branches from large trees right away. There could be hidden hazards in the area.

Damage assessment is the next stage of any responsible cleanup. This should be done by a professional with the tools and training to ensure the safety of everyone in the area. The assessment process evaluates the areas of greatest risk and identifies damaged trees. Broken limbs, split trunks, and uprooted or fallen trees are very common. The visual damage assessment is helpful for creating a safe cleanup plan.

Documenting the damage is necessary to make a claim with an insurance company. Be sure to take high-quality photographs of every angle to document the extent of the damage to buildings, cars, and equipment. Get pictures of any trees obstructing walkways or posing a threat to a structure.

Professional Emergency Tree Services

Emergency tree service providers can safely assess and manage the damage done by a storm. Professional assistance is often critical for evaluating the damage, mitigating the risks, and securing the area. Risk management is also important during this process, so a systemic approach to the cleanup process should be used. This can include securing the needed equipment, hiring trained professionals to do the risky work, and keeping lines of communication open.

Emergency tree care is essential for focusing on the most critical areas of a cleanup zone after a storm. The aftermath of a storm can bring about various uncertainties, but having the support of skilled professionals can make managing the situation much easier. If you’re in the Las Vegas, NV area, contact Benjamin’s Tree Service for emergency tree service and restore your property fast.

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