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4 Fall Tree Care Tips to Promote Healthy Growth Before Winter

Tree care provides a sense of fulfillment for many homeowners. It should be done regularly throughout the year, but there are times when trees need more care. Consider these four fall tree maintenance tips to prepare your trees for winter.

1. Protect Tree Roots by Fertilizing

Fertilizing your trees is one of the crucial fall landscaping tasks in Southern Nevada. Since people tend to remove leaves from around the tree in autumn, there is usually no organic matter for nutrition.

Fertilizing ensures the plant gets adequate nutrients for the rest of the year. Healthy trees are less susceptible to diseases and can withstand extreme weather.

You can fertilize trees at any time of the year. But a fall application will protect tree roots from winter damage. The most effective way to apply is to mix the fertilizer with the soil.

2. Prune Trees to Prevent Storm Damage

Pruning has many benefits, including safety and pest control. Late fall is the best time to shape the tree when most plants are dormant. During the active stage, the tree has more sap, increasing the risk of a fungus and borer infestation.

High winds and intense thunderstorms during the Las Vegas fall season are another reason to prune trees. Trimming removes weak and diseased branches and shapes the tree for stability. A healthier tree structure reduces the chance of tree falling, causing property damage and injuries.

While fall is the best time to prune most trees, some plants have varying requirements. Tree trimming professionals can help you determine the best approach. They have the best tools to complete the task efficiently and safely.

3. Hydrate Your Trees Before Winter

Watering in the fall season can reduce the effects of heat stress from the scorching summer in Southern Nevada. Ensure you water thoroughly and concentrate on the critical root zone. Water at least twice a week, preferably in the morning, to prevent evaporation.

Focus on trees showing signs of heat stress. Trees affected by heat stress will have yellowing, drooping/ wilting, and rust-colored spots on the leaves. Watering ensures the trees have adequate water before the winter season.

4. Mulch to Protect Roots From Frost Temperatures

While Clark County hardly gets any snow, there are occasional freezing temperatures that can damage the tree. Freezing ground temperatures prevent trees from absorbing nutrients efficiently. The harsh winter conditions can limit the plant’s healthy growth.

Therefore, mulching promotes the absorption of organic matter and insulates the tree from frost damage. Apply mulch around the tree but avoid piling it up against the trunk. Remove the old materials and replace them with fresh mulch.

Certified arborists have the expertise, tools, and experience to perform tree care tasks without causing infestations or property damage. You can rely on our fully licensed team for exceptional work. Contact Benjamin Tree Service for tree services in Las Vegas, NV.

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