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Why Fall Is a Great Time to Plant Trees

It’s no secret that Las Vegas can get hot. Our properties can benefit from having a lot of shade to give us relief from the intense sun. There are many varieties of trees that can do well in our desert climate, but when should you plant them? It’s often recommended that you plant them in the fall.

The Right Conditions

In Las Vegas, the summer is too hot, and the winter is too cold for many trees to be planted. In the fall, the soil is still warm and provides an ideal environment for a new plant. The soil is also able to retain plenty of moisture, especially in comparison to the soil during the summer when it gets so dry. New plants need plenty of water to grow, and they need time to establish their roots before the winter weather comes to town. In the winter, we do have some rainy weather that comes our way in Las Vegas, and this can help a plant grow stronger, too. Then, when the spring arrives, and there is more sunlight, the plant can be ready to experience a significant growth spurt. It has already settled down and expanded its root system, which has given it a strong foundation.

You might be wondering why late winter and spring are not good times to plant trees. That’s because trees need some time to grow and develop so that they can withstand the extremely high temperatures we have in our region in the summer. If they don’t have a chance to establish themselves in their new environment, they would have trouble dealing with the heat and could potentially lose their leaves. This means that they would lose their source of food production.

Other Tips

Once you’ve successfully planted a tree in the fall, there are a few things you can do to encourage its development. If necessary, damaged or dead branches can be removed, but you really want to be careful with this when a tree is young. If you have any questions about trimming or pruning, we’re a phone call away at Benjamin’s Tree Service.

Sometimes, staking is recommended, but again, only in certain circumstances is it necessary. That’s because tree trunks can typically grow stronger if they’re not staked and because some movement is important for a tree’s development. Finally, trees can sometimes get damaged in the winter because of animals, human activities, or winter burn. You may need to wrap a trunk in protective material. We understand that this is a lot to think about, especially since care depends on an individual tree and its environment, and we’re ready to help you.

This fall, you can take advantage of the mild conditions and make your yard more beautiful and complete by planting a few trees. Call Benjamin’s Tree Service if you need any assistance.

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