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4 Reasons Not to Plant Trees Too Close to Your House

It can be very tempting to plant trees close to your home to help avoid the intense Las Vegas, NV sun. However, this can cause damage to your home if the trees are too close. While the tourists may be here to gamble, you shouldn’t gamble on your home. Here is why you shouldn’t plant trees too close to it.

1. Damage to Your Foundation

Trees need water, and they will remove water from the soil. The constant change in the soil’s moisture levels can cause your soil to expand and contract under your home and cause damage to your foundation. Roots can also move under your foundation and cause further damage as they grow. Concrete settles over time, and roots can cause it to settle and cause damage.

2. Damage to Your Roof

Your roof and even your walls can also be at risk. Growing tree limbs can push on your house and cause it to shift. This can mean you have issues with your doors not closing right over time. Tree limbs can also rest on the roof and cause damage to your shingles. This means you may need to replace your roof much more quickly. While we don’t get much rain here in Las Vegas, a damaged roof can still let in our rare rains and cause serious damage.

3. Problems With Leaves and Twigs

Leaves and twigs can easily be blown off trees by the wind. They can end up on your roof and cause damage as they blow over it. You may also end up with full gutters that you need to clean. Leaves and twigs can also settle near your foundation and encourage pests and their predators to make a home right by yours.

4. Damage From Branches

Tree branches can easily be blown down in a storm or high winds. While falling branches can be dangerous anywhere in your yard, a tree positioned too close to your house may drop a branch directly on it. This can cause serious damage. This is also true if trees are planted close to where you park your car.

Trust the Professionals

If you are worried that your trees may be too close and need to be removed, trust the pros at Benjamin’s Tree Service. We offer emergency tree removal services, stump removal, and tree pruning. If you want to make sure your trees are planted properly, we also offer tree planting services. Call us today, and enjoy your trees without worry.

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