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Caring for Trees During the Spring Season

The good life of outdoor plants in Las Vegas, NV only last if the care-taking job is extended far beyond their journey from the nursery to your doorstep. Las Vegas weather is hot and dry, so you must make sure your plants are always hydrated. If you are wondering what to do during the spring season, read the below tips to keep your tree safe and healthy.

Entering Your Backyard

Spring is the best time to bring home new trees to grow in your backyard. Most trees enter a new environment much like we do. From the time they are brought from the outside to the inside, they will obviously suffer a ‘culture shock’. No longer are they feeding on growth hormones and synthetic foods. They are not fed a continuous supply of chemical fertilizers and energy-boosting products anymore. Chances are their roots are still weak and the soil is devoid of useful microbes and nutrition needed for sustainable growth. It is time to detox them. The best way to detox a newly arrived tree is to re-pot it, with organic soil. This will let the tree utilize the beneficial microorganisms in the soil and build strong roots.

Get Rid of the Fungus

Spring is also the time when fungus starts growing around the root of a neglected tree. Fungus around the base cause wilted leaves, reduced structure, or soft new growths that fall upon touching. Fungus anywhere on the plant – either on the leaves or on the roots – should be addressed immediately with fungicide. The presence of fungus in the roots makes it absolutely impossible for the tree to take up water. Even smelly roots are a sign of an infection or infestation.

Eliminate Parasites

If you notice weeds growing on the stem and their creepers severely entangled, it’s time to clean them up. Parasites are also an indication that the tree has been deprived of essential nutrients and water. Leaves that are browning, stems that are unnaturally large, and roots that have sticky residue should be treated.

Other Considerations

Branches leaning to one side means the tree is deprived of sunlight. Leaves losing their natural color means the tree is exposed to harsh dry conditions. Yellow or curling foliage indicates that it was once deprived of water. All these issues should be addressed through services like trimming or pruning during the spring season.

If you’re looking for tree care service in and around Las Vegas, Benjamin’s Tree Service can come in handy. We are your local experts and serve areas, such as Henderson, Summerlin, Spring Valley, Paradise, and Enterprise. We have the tools and equipment necessary to do the spring maintenance of your backyard trees with ease. For more information, call us or contact us via email.

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