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Pruned branches of Buddleja or Butterfly bush with new fresh green leaves on springtime

4 Ways DIY Tree Trimming Can Kill Your Trees

Proper trimming can improve the health of plants and enhance the beauty of the landscape. However, you should be aware of mistakes that limit healthy tree growth. Here are four ways incorrect pruning techniques can kill your tree.

1. Encourages the Transmission of Fungi and Bacteria

DIY trimming tends to overlook the importance of quality tools and equipment. For example, blunt pruners can easily create a large wound, leaving the plant susceptible to diseases. Also, you may risk spreading diseases when cutting off diseased branches. This is why sanitizing your trimming tools is necessary. It helps prevent fungi infections from spreading to other plants. Qualified arborists adhere to strict sanitization protocols, ensuring the disease containment process is effective.

2. Poor Timing Can Affect Tree Health

Trimming your trees can be a delicate balance, especially in the sweltering Las Vegas desert climate. You may need to remove branches and twigs to prevent diseases and facilitate fruit production. But removing too much foliage can affect the plant’s health in the summer heat. Cutting off twigs and leaves may deny the plant resources and diminish its capacity to process nutrients. It is also worth noting, branches can provide the necessary shading in the summer months to minimize heat stress.

Generally speaking, it is best to reserve pruning for dormant months and avoid removing growth before summer. But tree species may have different pruning requirements. For example, the best time to prune walnut trees is late spring. As for ash trees, reserve extensive trimming for the dormant season. If you’re unsure, consult our tree pruning team from Benjamin’s Tree Service in Clark County.

3. Leads to Unhealthy Trees

Arborists consider many variables to determine the most effective technique for your trees. One mistake DIY trimmers make is to remove too many branches on one side. In such cases, the weight on the opposing side will compromise the structure of the tree.

Another mistake is to leave open spaces around the tree canopy. The cavity can expose weaker branches to high winds. You could also damage the tree’s back when cutting off larger branches. Flush cuts can leave a deep wound, making the plant susceptible to pest and bacterial infestation. An injury to the bark may cause a decline in growth and may be fatal.

4. Over-Pruning Triggers a Stress Response

Over pruning is a common mistake that can impact the tree’s growth. Cutting off the leading branches can trigger a stress response. It may force tree owners to perform a lot of corrective work to save the tree. A qualified arborist can determine when its necessary to remove a leading branch. That way, you can be confident that you won’t be spending more time and resources to correct mistakes.

It is always advisable to trim weak and diseased branches to maintain the health of your trees. But you should consult a certified professional when in doubt. Contact Benjamin’s Tree Service for trusted tree-care solutions from our top-rated team in Las Vegas, NV.

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