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3 Tips for High Yielding Fruit Trees in Las Vegas

Fruit trees can be a beneficial addition to your landscape. They provide fruits to enjoy and a display of beautiful colors in the spring. But as with other plants, they require care and maintenance for optimal yields. Consider these three tips when growing fruit trees in the hot, dry climate of Las Vegas.

1. Choose the Right Tree for Your Landscape

Small, high-yield fruit trees are usually the best choice for your garden. Peaches and Apricots perform well in the hot and dry Las Vegas climate. You could also grow oranges and grapes as long as they are of a suitable variety for your area.

Make sure you understand the tree’s needs before adding them to your orchard. The desert climate can be unforgiving. Review the plant’s water demands and tolerance to high temperatures.

Many homeowners also want to add fruit trees to enhance the landscape. But you need to ensure you have enough space for the tree to grow in your yard. Fortunately, there are dwarf varieties you can grow in your backyard.

Additionally, fruit trees need water and adequate sunlight throughout the day for optimum growth. So the tree should be unobstructed and in a location with proper drainage.

2. Prune Fruit Trees for High Yields

Pruning can benefit your fruit trees in multiple ways. It creates space to allow sunlight to get to the lower branches. Trimming and pruning also spread fruits across the canopy and ensure the fruit is within reach for harvesting.

The rule of thumb is to prune trees during the winter season when the plant is dormant. When the tree is inactive, it is easier to identify dead or diseased branches. Nevertheless, you can always trim dying or broken branches at any time of the year.

The pruning process will also depend on the age and condition of the tree. Arborists from Benjamin Tree Service in Las Vegas focus on shaping the canopy when trimming during the first three years. The tree’s structure is crucial for growing small, healthy fruit trees with high yields.

3. Identify Diseases to Protect Your Fruit Trees

To ensure the healthy growth of your fruit trees, you need to anticipate problems and take timely measures. Pests and diseases can be a nuisance in your backyard orchard. You can apply fungicides as a preventive control against fungal diseases, but the timing has to be correct.

Also, don’t rush to conclude the problem is insects or pests. Other factors like insufficient water and nutrients can affect the plant’s growth. If you take control measures without a thorough evaluation, you might worsen the problem.

Anticipating fruit tree issues is essential for ensuring optimal yield and healthy growth on your plush landscape. Consider working with an experienced arborist to determine the best varieties for your home. Contact Benjamin Tree Service, a locally-owned and acclaimed landscaping service in Las Vegas.

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