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4 Popular Trees to Plant in Las Vegas

Here in Las Vegas, the climate is pretty extreme. It’s important to plant trees that will withstand our hot, dry summers and be okay with slightly cooler temperatures in the winter. There are several species that have become quite popular. At Benjamin’s Tree Service, we’re ready to help you get started with your landscaping. We can also assist by trimming and pruning your trees.

1. Palms

There are palms just about everywhere you look on the Strip or near shopping malls. They’re very beautiful and evoke a tropical feeling, and they also do great in an arid climate. There are a few types of palms to consider. The California Fan Palm and the Date Palm are some good options. The California Fan Palm has a relatively wide trunk with heavier fronds, while the Date Palm has more feathery fronds. Then, there’s the Mexican Fan Palm, which is skinny and tall, capable of growing to 75 feet or more. Not everyone may want such tall trees near their homes, though they do result in a more dramatic landscape.

2. Acacia

Acacia have a striking silhouette with a complex set of branches and nice foliage. There are a few types that are popular in Las Vegas. The Sweet Acacia can grow to about 30 feet and spread out its branches at the top, providing a good amount of shade. The Twisted Acacia, as its name suggests, has snake-like branches that twist among each other. Like the Sweet Acacia, it’s drought-tolerant. It can grow to be about 20 feet.

3. Mesquite

Mesquite trees are well-adapted to the desert. They can grow to about 20 or 30 feet tall, so they’re ideal for shading a property. Wild mesquite looks kind of like a large shrub, but if you keep your mesquite trees trimmed, they can develop nicely with full crowns. As a bonus, they have an interesting look in the spring, thanks to small clusters of tiny yellowish flowers.

4. Tipu

The Tipuana tree, or the Tipu for short, is another species that’s popular in our region of Nevada. If you have some space in your yard, consider planting it. It can grow to approximately 50 feet high and spreads out about the same distance. It can be the center of attention in a yard, especially in the summer when the yellow flowers bloom. Then, there’s a hard pod with a seed at one end, and this will attract little critters to your yard.

Even though our climate is so dry, there are many opportunities to plant trees that will thrive. Homeowners in our area are often looking for trees that can provide some shade and visual interest, and of course, we need species that can go long stretches without too much water. Fortunately, there are many practical options. Contact us at Benjamin’s Tree Service if you have any questions about popular trees to grow in the Las Vegas area.

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