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Tree Removal Is a Last Resort for Diseased, Damaged, or Problem Trees

Trimming tree with electric saw

Having healthy shade trees to shield your home and yard is a wonderful way to expand your living space, even when the temperature climbs. But if the trees on your property have not had regular maintenance, your shade canopy and even your outbuildings and home may be at risk. Working with a professional arborist can […]

Keep Trees Healthy Through Each Season with Regular Maintenance

gardener pruning fruit trees with pruning shears

Tree growth can be impacted by several factors. Strong winds, lack of water, or soaking rains can all put your trees at risk. Even trees that are well-suited to a particular climate will need regular trimming, pruning, and monitoring to stay safe. Variety is Important Many housing developments were laid out and built with just […]

Is There a Dangerous Tree in Your Yard?

Patch of mushrooms growing on a dying tree trunk

Planting a tree in your yard may initially seem like a great addition to your landscape. But if you ignore the signs that a tree is becoming dangerous, it can cause problems for you and your neighbors. Below are a few red flags to look out for. Leaning Tree Trees should stand straight, not lean […]

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have Trees Near Your Pool

pink floaty in pool

Many people dream of having a backyard swimming pool, but few realize just how much work is involved in actually owning one. Keeping the water clean is just one aspect of responsible pool ownership, and falling leaves from trees can complicate this chore. However, leaves aren’t the only reason you should keep trees a healthy […]

4 Fall Tree Care Tips to Promote Healthy Growth Before Winter

cutting thuja tree with garden hedge clippers

Tree care provides a sense of fulfillment for many homeowners. It should be done regularly throughout the year, but there are times when trees need more care. Consider these four fall tree maintenance tips to prepare your trees for winter. 1. Protect Tree Roots by Fertilizing Fertilizing your trees is one of the crucial fall […]

4 Reasons Not to Plant Trees Too Close to Your House

Pale yellow wall with arched window and the branches of tree.

It can be very tempting to plant trees close to your home to help avoid the intense Las Vegas, NV sun. However, this can cause damage to your home if the trees are too close. While the tourists may be here to gamble, you shouldn’t gamble on your home. Here is why you shouldn’t plant […]